Biotech Vietnam to win the bidding in Hanoi Oncology Hospital

MONday - 14/03/2011 09:36
Biotech Vietnam won the bidding for the first half of the year 2011 suppling clonal antibodies to Hanoi Oncology Hospital. This is the first times Biotech Vietnam is upgraded to a supplier of Hanoi Oncology for this line of products.

This bidding was publicly organized by the first quarter of 2011. Biotech Vietnam participated and won the bidding.

After having received the announcement from Hanoi Oncology Hospital, Biotech Vietnam made an order to DB Biotech and got the products available in stock to ensure the timing of delivery and ensuring the quality of products.

It is informed that these products are served for cancer diagnostics conducted by the pathology department of Hanoi Oncology Hospital, one of the pioneering hospitals of Vietnam in conducting IHC-P tests.

To win this bidding, Biotech Vietnam cooperated with the pathologists of Hanoi Oncology Hospital by sending the samples and receiving the feedbacks. The products are manufactured by DB Biotech ( and Biotech Vietnam is granted the exclusive distribution on Vietnam market.

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