Biotech Vietnam won the bidding of supplying rabbit monoclonal antibodies to the Hospital Military 108

THUrsday - 28/07/2011 13:32
Biotech Vietnam has won the bidding of supplying around 40 types of cancer-test antibodies to the Hospital Military of 108. This is the second bidding that Biotech Vietnam won in this year related to testing reagents.

By March of 2011, the Hospital Military of 108 sent the official note informing that the Alliance of Biotech Vietnam_Vi-intex is approved to win the bid of supplying chemicals and medical disposables. This note also requires that the two companies have to prepare for the signing of the contract and make the goods available for supplying to the hospital.

Under the list of the approved products, there are around 40 rabbit clonal antibodies produced by DB Biotech and exclusively distributed by Biotech Vietnam. This bid takes its effect for one year and the Hospital can order for the products at any time if the stock runs out. 

This is the first times that antibodies supplied by Biotech Vietnam are approved to enter into the Hospital 108, one of the few hospitals which lead the pathology diagnotics sector.

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