Biotech Vietnam wins the bidding launched by National Cancer Hospital of Vietnam

MONday - 24/01/2011 13:50
Biotech Vietnam participated and won the bidding package "Supplying chemicals and medical disposables for the year 2011" organized by National Cancer Hospital of Vietnam.

The bidding package comprises of the dispasables and chemicals used by the pre-clinical and clinical departments of the Hospital with the purpose of ensuring its normal activities.

National Cancer Hospital (another name is Hospital K) is the one of three biggest hospitals in Vietnam with 700 beds inhouse and around the same number of patients receiving treatment outside the Hospital. Hospital K is now carrying out the project of extending its working facilities to upgrade to around 2000 beds up to 2015.

Hospital K is the leading laboratory in treating cancer-related deseases. The pathologists of the Hospital are among the best in Asean. 

Biotech Vietnam is one of a few suppliers which has the honor of providing services and selling products to Hospital K. Beside the medical disposables, Biotech Vietnam is trying to introduce the high-quality testing reagents to the pathology department of the Hospital with the hope that after the trying period, the pathologists of Hospital K will get the good results and accept Biotech Vietnam as one of two principle suppliers to Hospital for the cancer-testing antibodies.

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