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Following the Decision Nº1141/QD-BVK dated 32rd Dec 2011 of the direction of the National Oncology Hospital (Hospital K), Biotech Vietnam was approved to become an official supplier....

09/03/2012 -
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Following the Decision Nº1670/QD-BVE dated 8th Dec 2011 of the direction of the Hospital E, Biotech Vietnam was approved to become an official supplier....

19/12/2011 -
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This is the biggest cancer-related conference in Vietnam which convene the most respected doctors and experts in the field. The Conference also invites the most distinguished professeurs of Havard University to make presentation about new technology in the world....

16/11/2011 -
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During the dates 8th and 9th of Nov 2011, Mr.Charlie Yu, director of Asia-Pacific of Vidacare Corporation arrived to Vietnam and made presentations about the two innovative products EZ-IO and OnControl at Bach Mai Hospital and National Pediatrics Hospital....

10/11/2011 -
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Biotech Vietnam was authorized by PEROUSE MEDICAL from French to soly distribute its product line of oncology (Implantable Catheter Ports) on the territory of Vietnam. Biotech Vietnam shall have the right of promoting and increasing sales of the Product....

05/10/2011 -
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Biotech Vietnam won the bidding for the first half of the year 2011 suppling clonal antibodies to Hanoi Oncology Hospital. This is the first times Biotech Vietnam is upgraded to a supplier of Hanoi Oncology for this line of products....

14/03/2011 -
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By 13rd of April 2011, SIGVARIS, the manufacturer of medical compression stockings, sent an authorization letter to dedicate the sole distribution of SIGVARIS products in Vietnam to Biotech Vietnam....

01/07/2011 -
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Biotech Vietnam participated and won the bidding package "Supplying chemicals and medical disposables for the year 2011" organized by National Cancer Hospital of Vietnam....

24/01/2011 -
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Biotech Vietnam has won the bidding of supplying around 40 types of cancer-test antibodies to the Hospital Military of 108. This is the second bidding that Biotech Vietnam won in this year related to testing reagents....

28/07/2011 -
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