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Biotech Vietnam organizes a training course at Hematology Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City

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By the middle of December 2012, Biotech Vietnam organized a training course at the Hematology Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City. This training course is to promote OnControl system (new technique of bone marrow biopsy and aspiration) of Vidacare Corporation. The training course was honored by the leaders of the Hospital and doctors, technicians directly doing aspiration and biopsy procedures.

Hematology Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest hospital in the South of Vietnam, carrying out thousands cases of marrow aspiration and biopsy to serve for the diagnostics of deases every year. Most of blood-related patients in the South are transfered to this hospital for doing the testing. The doctors highly consider the importance of bone marrow aspiration and biopsy in doing the diagnosis. The traditional technique with handy needles is still using at the hospital, thus causing a lot of pain and suffers to patients. The new technique of OnControl allows the doctors to do marrow biopsy and aspiration by a power driver and durable needles, reducing the procedure time and improving remarkably the stuation of patients. 





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